Our vineyards are located in the San Torcuato Huélago the town, in Granada, 450 acre farm that some of them devoted to the cultivation of the vine.

The grown vinifera are tempranillo, cabernet sauvignon and merlot. All with foot infections resistant pathogens that have adapted perfectly to clay soil. The altitude of our vineyards is around 1000 meters, which together with the cold nights of Sierra Nevada, giving the wines a complexity of flavors to match.

The whole process is done vintage full manual and during the night, allowing the reception of the grapes at a temperature cold enough and so ensure that retains all its aromatic potential. The downloads are performed in green and collected in 18kg boxes, thus avoiding crushing of the grape.

This vintage neatness makes unnecessary the selection table, getting the grapes to the winery in good health and cleanliness.

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